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Submit a detailed idea/solution in approx 600-1200 words with photos or a 1-3 minute audio/video clip. Include precedent, if applicable. Make sure your concept can be practically implemented.
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The special World Cup courts, the professionalism of the police and the swift administration of justice that was initiated during the Soccer World Cup made South Africans feel proud – not to mention safe and secure. However, we can’t rely on external forces such as FIFA demanding that we meet their high standards forever – we have to raise our expectations of ourselves and deliver. And judging from the success of this initiative alone, we already know it is possible. So how can we ensure that swift justice becomes the norm, and that our citizenry can rely on those that promise to protect them? And how can we stretch this idea into other areas that are demanding attention, innovation and new perspectives? Most importantly, how will they be sustained?

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