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Christmas gift drop revives Diepsloot’s school playgrounds

Steyn City Properties, developers of the Steyn City lifestyle estate, under construction in Johannesburg North, today held its second Christmas Drive and once again put smiles on the faces of thousands of school children in Diepsloot.

Together with sponsors Auto & General, Broadacres Superspar, Pabar and other sponsors, they delivered backpacks filled with sweets for each pupil as well as brand new playground and gym equipment to Muzomuhle Primary School, Iterele High School, Diepsloot Combined Primary and High School, Diepsloot Primary 4, Diepsloot High School 4, Riverbend Primary School, Paradise Bend Primary School, Diepsloot West, Reshomile Primary School and Musenga Primary School.

“This year we wanted to leave the schools with a legacy – something that would serve each school and its pupils for many years to come. At previous corporate social initiatives at some of the schools in Diepsloot, we noticed a definite lack of playground and gym equipment. This stood out because in addition to encouraging physical activity, play and exercise plays a vital part in overall healthy childhood development, including social skills,” comments Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties.

This year the “delivering happiness to Diepsloot” convoy of large trucks, a helicopter, Father Christmas and soccer legend Doctor Khumalo was also joined by 94.7 Highveld Stereo’s Truck of Love as the equipment and candy-filled backpacks were delivered to each of the schools. The Truck of Love is part of 94.7 Highveld Stereo’s popular Christmas Wish List campaign, which is currently in its thirteenth year.

Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Mashatile, was in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremonies for the new playground and gym equipment at Muzumuhle Primary School and Iterele High School.

“What Steyn City has done for our schoolchildren is just wonderful because the children come from environments where they don’t have much at all, many of them stay with their grandmothers with very little means and have no access to safe play areas. The school backpacks are also so useful because currently many children carry their belongings to school in plastic bags”, said vice principal of Muzomuhle Primary School, Mrs Noma Mngomezulu.

“We would like to thank everybody involved in today’s successful Christmas event. It has been so rewarding to see the excitement and joy that we have had the privilege of bringing to these children today,” added Plumari.

Image 1: Muzomuhle Primary pupils play on their new playground equipment
Image 2: New sweet-filled backpacks for Muzomuhle Primary pupils
Image 3: Doc Khumalo pushes a pupil on one of the new playground swings

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