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Corruption Watch has launched a series of tactical activations as part of their on-going anti-corruption public awareness campaign.

In the tradition of activist organisations like Greenpeace and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Corruption Watch has launched a series of Street Theatre activations to bring the message of reporting corruption to South African’s in an impactful way.

“The first of our activation campaigns is entitled “Air Gupta” and aims to empower and mobilise South Africans in the fight against corruption,” says Corruption Watch Director David Lewis. “If senior public figures can be influenced to act in contravention of the law simply because powerful names are dropped, we need to take bold and innovative steps to increase our understanding of corruption.”

The Street Theatre will see Air Gupta Hostesses visiting various locations around Johannesburg handing out “Guptas Fly. Government Jumps.” flyers in the form of paper airplanes. The flyers urge citizens to become “real high-flyers” by reporting corruption.

Encouraging greater accountability, Corruption Watch has created an oversized inflatable computer aligned to the “over-inflated” cost of R48-million paid by the Free State government for the development of the integrated website system for the province. Watch Bra Tjo-Tjo get his R48-million website tender here.

Would you like to become an agent of change? Show support for this campaign by liking the Corruption Watch facebook page and the Bra Tjo-Tjo series on the YouTube channel. Through this campaign Corruption Watch intends to triple the number of corruption reports via its website www.corruptionwatch.org.za and the SMS hotline – 45142. If you would like the Corruption Watch Street Theatre team to bring topical comedy and fun education to events or festivals, they would be happy to consider any requests.

For more information visit www.corruptionwatch.org.za. Telephone 011 447 1472. Twitter: @corruption_sa / facebook and You Tube 

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