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By Saki

Hot Shot
Black diamond woth R5000 was given awayThe event was held in Cape Town City HallThe 5 Charities to benefitAuctionThe founders Ross Mckernan, Dave Deetlefs & Adriaan Dippenaar

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Funds raised glamorously for noble causes

On Saturday 18th May, the 5 For Change team held their second annual black tie fundraiser at Cape Town City Hall. The founders, Adriaan Dippenaar (investment analyst) and school friends, Dave Deetlefs and Ross Mckernan (both attorneys), chose this year’s five charities, namely, Waves for Change, Trashback, Iliswe Photo club, See Saw Do and Iyeza Express. Following the successful launch of 5 for Change last year, the event has grown exponentially and City Hall was packed.

“We hope through 5 for Change we can bridge the gap between the leaders of social enterprises and young professionals, entrepreneurs, and other young opinion leaders in Cape Town, leading to a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties.” says Deetlefs.

Hosting an exclusive fundraising event for worthwhile social enterprises seems to be just the thing Cape Town needs, as many young professionals dug deep into their pockets to support the five fledgling social enterprises. The raffle wall was very popular and the total prizes included a black diamond prize valued at R 5 000.

“We feel that, despite the immense need in South Africa, the act of giving back or philanthropy is a nascent concept. We feel it often carries negative connotations, is seen as ‘boring’, or frustrates people as they feel that they cannot do something which would have a measurable impact. We want to change that mind-set and create the perception that not only can people give in a variety of ways but also that it can be done in a meaningful, rewarding, fun and enjoyable manner.” comments Dippenaar.

Mckernan concludes “We are of the view that inherently most people do want to contribute but that they just need the correct platform that appeals to them to do so. Furthermore, the organisations we are showcasing are run by a group of very talented young leaders, but whose networks and level of publicity do not necessarily give them the broader reach to connect with other young opinion leaders in Cape Town.”

More about the 5 Charities:

The Ilizwi Photography Club was founded by Meghan Daniels in Khayelitsha in 2011 when she was only 18 years old. It is a youth development initiative that works with young people in under-resourced communities by encouraging creative self expression through photography and multimedia. Ilizwi photographers become actively involved in their community by delving into pressing dialogue and exploring authentic narratives. By doing they raise awareness around pertinent community issues, inspire civic engagement and ignite meaningful change. ‘Ilizwi’ is a Xhosa word meaning voice.

See-Saw-Do was founded by illustrator Xanele Puren and visual artist Jeremy Puren in 2011. It is a social enterprise founded on the transformative power of creativity and love. They are driven by a heartfelt conviction that all children, regardless of their place of birth, should be given equal opportunities and environments in which to grow and learn. See-Saw-Do focuses on the physical transformation of the spaces in which children develop, as well as on the production and distribution of mother-tongue reading material to these facilities.

Waves for Change was developed by the Isiqalo Foundation over the course of 2010 and 2011. They use surfing as a tool to create an alternative learning environment for children and young adults who are identified by their schools and communities as ‘at-risk’. It is a pioneering HIV education and lifeskills programme designed to be implemented by coaches from developing communities who are trained and up-skilled appropriately to use surfing as a tool to engage hard to reach young adults in South Africa’s poorest and most dangerous communities. Tim Conibear is the full time programme director of the Waves for Change and in conjunction with team of community coaches has been the driving force behind the program.

TrashBack was founded by Andrew McNaught, Nicholas Wiid, and Terence Goldberg in 2011, and has over 101 active participants and collected over 36,880kg of recyclables. At the core of the TrashBack initiative lies their incentivised recycling project: uphinda-phindo! which operates in the Imizamo Yethu (IY) informal settlement and uses a unique voucher system enabled by the Broccoli Project. Participants from IY bring in recyclable materials and are rewarded with vouchers for their efforts, which can then be exchanged at local community stores.

Iyeza Express was founded by Khayelitsha community member Sizwe Nzima in 2011. He started out by doing deliveries for 3 family members, and now has 32 clients. It offers an affordable bicycle delivery service for prescription medication to residents of Khayelitsha who are on chronic medication. Many people who are on regular medication spend hours in queues waiting for their medication and as a result some choose not to go at all, while many patients are not able to get to the clinic or hospital to collect medication or test results. As a result, their health suffers, sometimes irreversibly and in cases such as TB, results in defaulting treatment.

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Image 1: Black diamond worth R5000 was given away to a lucky guest.
Image 2: The event was held in Cape Town City Hall.
Image 3: The 5 Charities to benefit were present at the event.
Image 4: The fundraising auction in action.
Image 5: The founders Ross Mckernan, Dave Deetlefs & Adriaan Dippenaar

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