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Greenpop plants healthy respect for trees

It only took three hours to plant 120 trees at Mitchell’s Plain Alpine Primary School, but there will be a lifetime of success from it.

Greenpop, a tree-planting initiative from Cape Town, initially planted 20 trees at this local primary school and after noting their success, came back months later with a big sponsor — Getaway Magazine —plus  volunteers from their organisation and the school.

Getaway magazine recently ran a competition to support Greenpop. The publication put up a prize for a three-night stay for two people at Umlani Bushcamp. People wanting to enter were asked to gift a tree through Greenpop to the value of R…, which was placed in a lucky draw.

Without big sponsor’s like Getaway, Greenpop receives tree donations through their website, www.greenpop.org to plant trees at schools, churches and other bare locations around the Cape.

On Saturday, Greenpop co-founder Misha Teasdale said that the purpose of tree planting was to help overturn a culture of abusing gardens and trees by training school children to treat them with respect, love and value.

“Getaway has helped us start a culture here of appreciating the environment,” Teasdale said.

Greenpop operates completely off donated time, vehicles and hands. Lauren O’Donnell, another co-founder, said that a government grant is in the works which will hopefully bring the team a reliable bakkie to help transport its trees.

If you’d like to help green SA, go to www.greenpop.org and sponsor a tree!

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