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Provantage and PRASA join hands in the Fight against Women Abuse

“The only thing you should beat is a drum” was the resounding message in downtown Johannesburg on Friday the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. The Drumming Campaign took place on the Rissik Street Bridge and Park Station.

As a sign of mourning and to express their outrage at the high levels of violence in the country, especially against women and children, participants wore black and beat djembe drums. Bobby Rodwell, Director of The Drumming Campaign says, “The event was incredible, with approximately 400 people coming to drum to express their outrage at the high levels of violence in the country, and join the community that says STOP the violence. It was quite spiritual, with so many people coming together in one voice. The location was perfect – very public, in and around Park Station, with Johannesburg city in the background. The campaign attracted numerous passers-by who joined in to beat a drum.”

Provantage facilitated the use of space at Park Station for The Drumming Campaign. Provantage was awarded the advertising rights to all PRASA stations in 2011 and contributed to this CSI initiative by securing the high traffic space at this busy transport node. “Violence against women and children is a growing concern for all South Africans and it was of utmost importance for us to be involved in the Drumming Campaign initiative. Park Station provided a perfect space for the activation as it is an accessible space, a meeting point and a place where various modes of transport converge, allowing the message to be heard loud and clear,” says Skhumbuzo Nkosi, Director at Provantage.

PRASA also expressed their support in this highly important initiative. “PRASA will continue to support initiatives that will enhance the dignity and safety of women and children in our country. We are proud to partner and support the Drumming Campaign. Our large media assets will always be available to bring about higher levels of awareness on the issues around children and women abuse. This campaign was a success story worth repeating in the future and we remain committed to partnerships that are engaged in the Fight against Women Abuse,” says Martin Chauke, Senior Manager Advertising, Intersite Investments – a subsidiary of PRASA.

Image: Drumming at Rissik Street Bridge


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