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Riders urged to support Bay education

Organisers of The Herald VW Cycle Tour have urged all participants, their friends and family to support education in Nelson Mandela Bay, which hosts the oldest national classic this weekend.

On Friday, February 1, cyclists will be able to donate school uniforms, shoes and stationery at race registration as part of the metro’s city-wide initiative to uplift and support children in need.

“The metro has been a proud partner of The Herald VW Cycle Tour for many years,” said event coordinator Linda Harwood. “As education is a high priority for The Herald, they had no hesitation in making the cycle tour available to the Educational Task Team as a platform to promote their activities.”

The task team, announced by NMB executive mayor Zanoxolo Wayile, forms part of a larger education-focused project which includes the Aids Orphans Programme, Career Guidance Exhibition and Community Fire Safety programmes.

Wayile felt it necessary for the metro to work hand-in-glove with the education department to make local education a priority. He felt that education should not only be a provincial concern, but that the Bay’s public and private sectors should work with education stakeholders to improve school performance and ultimately job creation.

To this end, he established the Education Task Team in October 2011. Councillors from different political parties, church leaders, NGO officials, private sector representatives and members of the District Educational Department make up the task team. They are responsible for driving donation opportunities, liaising with stakeholders and distributing donations to children in need.

Beneficiaries include households headed by children, poverty-stricken families and those who have been affected by accidents. So far, more than 153 students have been provided with school uniforms. Among those are children from Malabar Primary School, who were victims of a bus accident in June last year. Other children who have benefited are from Walmer, New Brighton, KwaZakhele, Motherwell and Uitenhage.

The task team will be on hand at the expo and registration at The Boardwalk International Convention Centre on Friday. Participants and their families can drop off any items at the NMB Tourism stand.

Casual clothes and shoes are also welcome, as there is an ongoing need for these by local families. Registration will take place from 9am to 9pm.

Image: Executive mayor Zanoxolo Wayile with children from Malabar Primary School, who were assisted by the Education Task Team.

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