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Super Fans | Applause for Super Stage

Super Stage 2 – 100% IN

Congratulations on a terrific and inspiring SuperStage event this evening. It was amazing to be part of seeing the future of our nation and the power of our youth when challenged in this way. Francois Bonnici, Director of the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the UCT Graduate School of Business, Super Judge

I would like to take this honour as a beneficiary of your work to express my deep-seated gratitude for the many mountains you are moving. A fellow young politician and close friend of mine by the name ”Sizwe Mpofu Walsh” (huffington post calls him Africa’s Obama) says “South Africa faces the challenge of creating a society of opportUNITY. The first is in lifting one quarter of our population out of poverty by creating economic opportunity. The second is in creating a society of meaningful unity”. I agree with him and think that you are doing a good job in tackling both these in one go. I just hope you keep doing this and impacting people whatever the resistance you face. Kumbirai Gundani, Top 10

Very well done for a super event on Thursday night. I was totally impressed by the calibre of the ideas and also of the students who presented. I think that you are on to a real winner here. Martine Schaffer

Superstage was absolutely fantastic, really enjoyed it! It will always be something special, as it’s where this all started for us. Was great to have the opportunity to present.Thank you :)! 2011 Super Star, Ra’ees Mahmood

Everything was absolutely awesome and that’s thanks to the real superstars behind superstage – you guys! 2011 Super Star, Muzzammil Ismail

 Thanks for everything, now and tommorow. Namatirai Zinyohwera, Top 10

It was such a pleasure MCing for Super Stage and I am definitely in for any future events 🙂 Thank you for trusting us with the job! Sanda Shandu, Super Stage MC

It was really.. inspiring to see so many positive ideas and so much support for them. David Stein, Kuhle Media

Thank you again for the opportunity, had so much fun working with you guys, hopefully it can happen soon again. Marcus Viljoen, City Varsity photographer

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity you have given. You have so many wonderful ideas and i would be honoured to be a part of it. Angela Benz, City Varsity photographer

We would like to thank you for the event and echo the feeling of being inspired. I have been receiving great feedback from the group of their experiences and now have a group of students who can share their first hand experiences of Super Stage with the rest of campus. We hope to have many more entries into the next Super Stage event. Lloyd Blake, the Frederik van Zyl Slabbert Institute for Student Leadership Development at Stellenbosch University, Super Judge

Thank you very much for a great experience you gave me, I am very challenged to do more than what I was doing. Continue to develop entrepreneurs, super stage is a dream stage. I am a better person today because of Super Stage and Supernews. Siyabonga Ndlozi, Top 10

Thank you for all the work that went into an amazing Challenge. It was incredibly inspiring, and I am looking forward to see the ideas grow and develop. Rumbidzai Goredema 
Portfolio Manager – Connection to Opportunity, The DG Murray Trust, Super Judge

Thank you for the awesome opportunity that you awarded us to bring forth our ideas. I can’t stop talking about it and will definitely be a Supernews ambassador here at UP. Dudu Mogapi, Top 10

What an event! It was a terrific event – so SuperStage for SuperNews. What a great time for students. Well done to all. I had a great night. Great work. Mashudu Madzhie , Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, Super Judge

It was a great experience and we learnt a lot thanx to you and the Supernews group, this will open up a lot more doors for me and I’m glad we inspired people. Makobe Ramoshaba, Top 10

SuperSurpassings!!! Glen Thompson, Bulk SMS

It was interesting to see the two winners from last year – as one could never have thought that such brilliance could come of so humble beginnings as Styrofoam, Its mind boggling to see the positive reactions to such initiatives. Again, congratulations on hosting a such an event – it is refreshing to see a packed house in anticipation for a noteworthy cause. Andrew Matlou, UCT student

Well done on a very successful event last night. I really enjoyed it! Angela Coetzee, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

This was a truly inspirational event, and more than just a ray of light in a mostly cynical current South Africa.Thank you, Gina, for your effort, sweat and dedication. I hope to have a long and meaningful relationship with your organisation! Superstage rocks! Franci Cronje, Vega, Super Judge

Congratulations for a booming success, I got swept up in the energy and drive of last nights event. Johan van Niekerk, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Super Judge

Oh my word! Gina what an awesome event you hosted! Thank you so much for creating the opportunity to get our ideas going! Lethabo Motswaledi, Top 10

What an inspiring evening ! Congratulations on your creativity ,commitment and generosity of spirit. Roy and Debby Silver, ASEN


#superstage 2 Tweets

Jamie T Wyngaard ‏ @JT_Wyngaard: #superstage is much bigger then I imagined- my brain is doing back flips
Stuart Hendry ‏ @SASDI_Stu: At #superstage judging the final top 10 student solutions to “100% In”, Brilliant
Regina Kgatle Modise ‏ @RrrEeGina: Gina Founder of SuperNews just delivered a powerful speech,She’s such a powerful lady #SuperStage
Sandi Madonsela ‏ @sandi0925: The amazing things I’m hearing right now!!! These ppl are really innovative!! #superstage
Jamie T Wyngaard ‏ @JT_Wyngaard: What Gregorn Mendel is to Genetics, Gina Levy is to Innovation #superstage
Yaseen Carelse ‏ @yaseencarelse: Universities are where innovation is meant to happen – Dr Price #superstage
Jamie T Wyngaard ‏ @JT_Wyngaard: #superstage. Changing lives
Yaseen Carelse ‏ @yaseencarelse: Expand the idea on one campus at a time #superstage
Yaseen Carelse ‏ @yaseencarelse: This has the power to empower people. #superstage
Lebogang Maimane ‏ @LebooCosmo: I love love #superstage
Anthea leitch ‏ @thea4u: Innovation at its best!#superstage
Leigh Meinert ‏ @LeighMeinert: A privilege to be a judge @ #superstage tonight. Solving SA’s graduate drop out rate of 60%. Well done Money Minds. You got my vote
The DG Murray Trust ‏ @DGMurrayTrust: Well done to everyone who pitched at #superstage! So many awesome ideas…hard to choose winner. Hope u ALL take ideas further 🙂
Yaseen Carelse ‏ @yaseencarelse: I feel inspired #superstage
Leo Kae ‏ @Leo_Kae: #Superstage #UCT was phenomenal Next time at #UWC (udubs whaddup) @LebooCosmo
Phathiswa ‏ @Phathiswa: Ooo!! What a good time at #superstage.
Sarah Marx ‏ @SarahClaireMarx: Enjoyed a stimulating evening at #superstage at #uct . Looking forward to the next one @super_news !!
Benjamin Shaw ‏ @B_D_Shaw: “Future belongs to the social entrepreneur and social engineer.” #superstage
Reabetswe M ‏ @Rea_b @yaseencarelse: #superstage how do I get involved? Sounds exciting!
Benjamin Shaw ‏ @B_D_Shaw: “A successful dropout” coming to pitch. Really unique take, awesome! #superstage
Benjamin Shaw ‏ @B_D_Shaw: The really interesting thing about these presentations is that they call for collaboration. #superstage
anthea leitch ‏ @thea4u: Innovation at its best!#superstage
Jamie T Wyngaard ‏ @JT_Wyngaard: Students are indeed the resources #superstage
Angela Coetzee ‏ @angelacoetzee: #superstage, “let’s use our country’s most powerful media sources to educate, inform and empower good decision making for all…
Angela Coetzee ‏ @angelacoetzee: #superstage, @B_D_Shaw & @Ameil_H made a significant contribution! Brilliant!
Sandi Madonsela ‏ @sandi0925: The amazing things I’m hearing right now!!! These ppl are really innovative!! #superstage
Martine Schaffer ‏ @Martine1001: #superstage hopeful being amongst the next generation and looking forward to hearing the ideas
SIFE (UCT) ‏ @SIFEuct: #superstage we’re so keen to hear these unique ideas.
Kirsten Hopwood ‏ @kirstenhopwood: #superstage 100% IN challenge at UCT tonight. Inspiring stuff going here! Check it out on http://www.supernews.co.za

Super Stage 3 – Play 4 Real

I LOVED your event!! I tweeted my butt off about it! I think it must have inspired so many young people to engage with their dreams and develop their ideas. Nathan Roberts (Sibanye)

It was great. And they were all so well prepared. Congratulations! Franci Cronje (Vega)

Wow ! What a fantastic event 🙂 Loved it & the event itself seemed to be a great success as well. V interesting group of judges – your reach is far n wide. Patrick Schofield (Streetwires, Indalo Project…)

Congratulations on a spectacularly fun evening. Johanna Stamps

It was a blast. Thank you for the opportunity. Phathiswa Magangane (MC, UCT)

It was an incredible event and I had a wonderful time. I wish you all the very best of success in the Super Stage events to come. Adolph Chikasha (MC UCT)

That was one real fine and fun evening last night; thanks for the invite!!! You have put together a fab platform for stimulating creativity, innovation and social engagement! I liked the youthful energy and the excitement about mobile Apps. Some great ideas presented and deserving winners. Again, well done to you and the SuperStage team for putting on an inspiring event. I look forward to seeing more game changers set up to the plate. Glen Thompson (Bulk SMS)

I really enjoyed the event – always interesting to hear people’s ideas and dreams. I’m also really inspired by what you are doing with super stage, it’s a great platform and seems to be growing every year. Well done on putting it all together! Andrew Mcnaught (Trashback)

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for the opportunity – it was an amazing experience, got to meet some really cool people and learnt a lot. Keep it up Super Stage Team 🙂 Matt Pike (Top 10)

Thursday night was amazing!I was really impressed with the in between contests and music used. And that everybody got popcorn! You really went all out =D. Dawid and I pulled it off and I’m very proud of us. Thanks for the push and the motivation 🙂 And thanks for the opportunity! The concept behind superstage is absolutely genius, keep it up. Pienette Loubser (2nd Runners up)

It was an inspiring event and I loved being involved. Anytime you want me to judge again – I’m there. Well done. Vanessa Clark (Mobiflock)





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