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Super Stage winners make TV debut & win UN Global Award

2012 Super Stage runner’s-up Kumbirai Gundani and Kennedy Kitheka made their TV debut this week on SABC 2’s Hectic Nine-9, a Flagship Kids Magazine TV Show, broadcast live daily.

Gundani, Kitheka and Kolawale Olajide (who was unable to be on the show), studying finance, post-grad financial analysis and portfolio management and engineering respectively, presented their idea for the “Super Stage 100% In Challenge” in May 2012, which challenged the student public to come up with innovative solutions to reduce drop out rates in South Africa’s schools.

The project, entitled Funda, is an online program that aggregates educational resources using machine learning for students and teachers. Because of specific matric curricula, all content comes from local publishers, schools, teachers and universities. This is then accessible from computers, tablets and phones with customisable learning techniques – a far easier solution than endless searching on different platforms for useful information.

“It was amazing. It was the first time we got on TV, and it was quite cool. Some of the students who have been following us watched it, and they loved it,” remarked Gundani.

Kitheka added,” It was a great opportunity to showcase our platform. I don’t think we would have been able to do it without Supernews. added Gundani.

Since their TV debut, the Funda team won the World Summit Youth Award in the “Education for All” category of the United Nations Global Award for their use of technology in education. The contest is open to people under 30 who have an innovative approach to using technology in order to put UN Millennium Development Goals into action. The team will travel to Montréal, Canada, from October 22-24th, 2012, to attend WITSA’s 19th World Congress on Information Technology for a chance to connect with other winners and experts in the IT field.

They are also finalists for the IndiAfrica Business Venture Award for Technology in Education. The final presentations for the contest are in Lagos, Nigeria on 25 September. Winning entries will be compiled into a book published by IndiAfrica.

“We feel humbled and grateful. We were nominated for both awards, and we recently got two emails saying we got through. We are quick shocked, but it’s great news. Obviously we want to utilize it well and keep the momentum going,” said Gundani.


Check out their winning Super Idea now and the May 2012 100% In Challenge
For more information about the World Summit Youth Award, click here
To read more about the IndiAfrica Business Venture Contest, click here

Image1: 2012 Super Stage runner’s-up, Kumbirai Gundani and Kennedy Kitheka (3rd; 5th from left) with Supernews Founder, Gina Levy (2nd from right) and Hectic Nine-9 Presenters

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