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Supernews Ideas | Vote & Fund

Supernews Public – Here’s your chance to send the Top 10 ideas to Super Stage!

How to Vote:

  1. Check out all the idea submissions solving our current Super Challenge


2. Next, click on the idea/s (with a VOTE banner) you’d like to send to Super Stage.

3. Now, click on the yellow banner (within the article) to vote. Once you have voted, the bulb will turn yellow.

4. You can only vote once. The votes are captured and calculated behind the scenes and are not reflected by the number of views. The final selection is at the discretion of the Supernews Team and does not rely on the popular vote. Ideas will only be considered if they respond directly to the Super Challenge

Supernews Public – Here’s your chance to crowd-fund the Top 10 Super Stage ideas!

How to Fund:

We’re democratizing the fundraising process by asking you to ‘Put your money where your mouse is and ‘vote with your pocket change to help make these inspiring ideas happen.

  1. Every idea with a ‘CROWD FUND’ banner on it means it’s one of the top 10 Super Ideas that got voted in by you, the Supernews Public, to go to Super Stage. And now it’s ripe for Crowd Funding.

  1. Each Super Idea will display a funding target and a percentage bar that calculates how much ‘pocket change’ has been given so far.
  2. Stipulate the amount you want to contribute – anything from R25 and up and click INVEST.
  3. You’ll be linked to the Payfast payment gateway[1], followed by an automated ‘Thank You’ when your payment has been made.
  4. Once a Super Idea has met or surpassed its funding goal [2], you will be notified and the Change Makers will kick their Super Idea into action.
  5. The Change Makers will write monthly progress reports and finally launch the idea on www.supernews.co.za
  6. You’ll be acknowledged for backing the Super Idea, but only you and the Supernews internal team will know your funding amount.

Supernews™ is a Non-Profit Section 21 Company, Registration # 2010/000172/06. Supernews is also a Non-Profit Organisation: NPO # 082-534-NPO, and a Public Benefit Organisation: PBO # 9300 343 94. Supernews is a Section 18A-approved organisation.

Got a question? Contact us on pocketchange@supernews.co.za


[2]Supernews will collect a 10% management/admin fee per Super Idea

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