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Onboard baggage allowance relieves heavy load for homecomers

On Tuesday, 13 March, Virgin Atlantic announced a new partnership with the Homecoming Revolution, an independent non-profit organisation that encourages and helps South Africans around the world to return home. They are going to help South Africans move back home after years of living in the UK. To support the move, Virgin Atlantic will be offering homecoming South Africans double the normal baggage allowance completely free of charge – representing a 50% increase in the normal allowance.

With golf clubs, wardrobes full of the latest fashions and pets cited as the most popular items to be loaded into the luggage hold, the decision of what to bring back to South Africa and what to leave behind may be made a bit easier with the extra luggage allowed onboard.

Simon Newton-Smith, Country Manager for Virgin Atlantic said, “Moving is frequently cited as one of the most stressful life events and we want to make the decision, of what to leave behind and what to bring back home, much easier. By providing Homecomers the chance of doubling-up on our already generous baggage allowance, people will be able to bring back some extra souvenirs or their British favourites.” Whilst the reasons for moving back to South Africa are often positive ones, such as lifestyle, family and friends or a job opportunity, the process of packing and transporting everything and the endless tasks of settling in, are almost always chaotic and stressful.

Brigitte Britten-Kelly, Managing Executive of the Homecoming Revolution, says ‘’We know what a big decision it is to move back to South Africa and how stressful it can be having to pack up your entire life, particularly if there are young children involved. We are delighted to have partnered with Virgin Atlantic Airways to offer our homecomers exclusive access to claim double baggage allowance when relocating back to South Africa.”

Homecomers simply click on the banner on the Homecoming Revolution website and by filling in a simple form on the virgin-atlantic.com website they can redeem this exclusive offer, which will make the move home that much easier.

The Homecoming Revolution’s market is predominantly made up of skilled professionals aged 30+ who have been living abroad between five and ten years. Many of them have young children or are thinking of starting a family and want to put their roots down in South Africa. Typically they are well established so that tend to have a substantial amount of household goods and luggage upon returning home.

Hilary Alexander explains ‘’In 1999 I packed a backpack and hopped on a plane in an adventure to see the world. From a distance, the pull of South Africa’s rich beauty, creativity and passion becomes stronger and stronger. So after 10 years, as a 30-something with a husband and enough stuff to fill rather more than that backpack, we came home. We live in Cape Town and love it’’.

To view the exclusive Virgin Atlantic Airways and Homecoming Revolution offer. http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/za/en/ideas-lowestfares/homecoming_revolution.html

The Homecoming Revolution is a non-profit organisation, which helps South Africans return home. It was founded by “allvertising” agency, Morrisjones, and is sponsored by First National Bank.


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