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By Carey Saaiman


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Wynberg/Constantia residents get proactive in crime stop

Residents of Cape Town’s Wynberg/Constantia areas can now protect themselves and their neighbours against crime by making a simple phone call.

“Apathy of people who don’t report the petty crimes is what makes the bigger crimes seem easier to do by the criminals,” says Wynberg-East Neighbourhood Watch Patrol volunteer, Deon Fabe.

Because the police ‘can’t be everywhere’, residents are encouraged to participate by volunteering in their own Neighbourhood Watch to help create awareness about crimes that can be prevented.

There are four vehicles on patrol every Thursday evening and each one is given a sector number. This way a crime call will be sent directly to the vehicle on call in that specific area, which allows a faster response to the scene of the crime.

An anonymous 56 year old Plumstead resident is pleased about the faster security response by the Neighbourhood Watch Patrol.

“I can call the police to say someone just broke into my car [and] I’ll wait 3 hours for them to get here, and by that time, the criminals are long gone. It’s pathetic, and finally something has been done about it.”

Even though the police have made progress, Fabe claims that it usually goes unreported. Statistics in the Police sector show that car thefts had been reduced over the past few weeks due to the Neighbourhood Watch Patrol.

What you can do to help:

*Report all crimes to the police, it doesn’t matter how big or small the crime is

*Get to know your neighbours by name and have their contact details in case of emergencies

*Join day/night Neighbourhood Watch patrols in your area

*Be vigilant and aware of new faces in your area

*Inform your family and friends and encourage them to do the same

To join Neighbourhood Watch and be a volunteer, contact the patrol co-ordinator Michael Wilcox on 082 575 7123.

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