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At Supernews, we’re changing the way news is made and distributed by ‘democratising’ the news-making environment.

In other words, we’re transforming passive observers of the news into active participants in the news by crowd-sourcing everyone around the country, with a ‘crew in their hand’ or quite literally, a cell phone, a digital camera or a keyboard – to make up our Citizen Journalist Network and change the news agenda! So whether you’re a mom, a soccer player, a filmmaker, a doctor, a sales clerk, a law student, a game ranger, a street sweeper, a CEO, a foreign expat or even a visiting tourist – YOU’LL literally get to write or record your own futures and see the impact of your words & inspiring ideas in SA and beyond, using Supernews as your multi-media megaphone.

Because we’re a news site that reports on what’s real and authentic, we’ll need you to sign up with your real name, which will be made public when you upload content to the site. Please add your photo and update your profile on My Profile.

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