• Supernews is evolving and is in the  process of re-modelling. As a result, our news coverage will be intermittent. Please watch this space for exciting new changes. "CHANGE THE HEADLINES, AND YOU CHANGE SOUTH AFRICA." Welcome to Supernews, A Citizen-Generated News Network, and Super Stage, A Live Innovation Campus Platform


The most powerful force for change in the world is a NEW IDEA in the hands of extraordinary individuals…

Introducing Supernews™!

Supernews is a Citizen-Generated News & Idea Network. Positioned as the ‘Robin Hood’ of the news industry and the ‘Reuters’ of citizen-generated news, Supernews is literally creating a paradigm shift in our perception of South Africa and Africa by offering a more uplifting, innovative and solution-driven news perspective,

a) by reporting the news from a new perspective and changing the content of the news as we know it, one success story at a time, one BIG idea at a time to increase awareness, change systems and influence new ways of thinking
b) by democratising the news-making environment by generating news content via crowd participation – a Citizen Journalist Network
c) by creating NEW news via an open innovation platform on campuses around SA, called Super Stage, that will attract, showcase and invest in the NEW news-maker – the next Einsteins, Zuckerbergs, Oprahs and Mandelas – inspiring them to solve social challenges impacting the country,
d) by positioning itself as a ‘Citizen-Generated’ and ‘Crowd-Funded’ News Network so that it remains an independent and impartial news platform, truly representing the public voice by making all South Africans shareholders in Supernews, and giving everyone an opportunity to participate in making South Africa work better.

World Economic Forum endorsement clip 2009

Gina Levy introduces Supernews / Super Stage

The Business Model

The Supernews modus operandi is WIN-WIN, so we’re using two innovative business models, namely, Crowd-Sourcing and Crowd-Funding. Crowd-Sourcing is outsourcing on steroids! Simply put, it’s an open call for participation and problem-solving from ‘the crowd’. Crowd-Funding, inspired by crowd-sourcing, replaces traditional fundraising techniques with a more informal, yet powerful approach based on crowd participation to generate and distribute funds. So, by sourcing user-generated news content via our citizen journalist network and raising funds via the public’s pocket change, Supernews will effectively position itself as a mostly ‘Citizen-Generated and  Citizen-Funded News Network. This means we maintain our independence and truly represent the public voice by giving YOU a multi-media megaphone to exercise your influence, write or record your own futures, and literally see the impact of your words & ideas on Supernews.

Supernews is a Non-Profit Section 21 Company, NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) and PBO (Public Benefit Organisation). Supernews will be piloted in South Africa and thereafter expand into Africa. It is based in Cape Town. (Co Reg #: 2010/000172/08; NPO #: 082-534-NPO; PBO #: 9300 343 94)