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Super Sponsor | CJ Workshops

What if NGOs could generate their own newsworthy content and grow their own brands without spending millions?

If you’re a progressive, socially-conscious company, non-profit organization, or government agency, entrepreneur, visionary, philanthropist or Joe Public, here’s how you can help:

Sponsor a 1x day Citizen Journalism Workshop, and you’ll help NGOs:

  1. Become independent news reporters who no longer need to rely solely on traditional media coverage,
  2. Develop sufficient skills to generate their own news content via Supernews platforms, and forward train more staff and community members,
  3. Leverage more funding by literally putting funders in the picture with continuous news coverage and donor feedback, securing a sustainable financial future,
  4. Grow their social cause into a recognizable brand, especially in a space where competition for attention is fierce.

Contact newsroom@supernews.co.za to sponsor a CJ Workshop.

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