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Super Fans | Applause for Supernews

From people in the know!

  • Clem Sunter (world-renowned motivational speaker, Scenario Planner, author, Chair of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund)
  • Alan Knott-Craig (Entrepreneur, Author): “The world needs many things. Good news and young people are two of the most important! Supernews gives us both.”
  • Guy Lieberman (Social Entrepreneur and Filmmaker): “Supernews is a very welcome platform to our current channels of media. It combines the nimbleness of Twitter, the mass appeal of Youtube, the viral expanse of Facebook, the intelligence and honesty of The Daily Maverick, and a challenge to the likes of CNN and BBC. It is, potentially, media democracy at its finest. And in a navigable and well designed package too.”
  • Glen Thompson (Marketing & Communications): “Supernews provides an important new media channel to grow citizen journalism in South Africa and document news on the ground. At BulkSMS.com, we are excited about how Supernews is using SMS messaging technology to interact with citizen journalists and get to the news.”
  • Michele Bush (Graphic Designer): “I recently did a course where 40 of us had to come up with words to describe a true entrepreneur. Quite amazingly, every word that was added to the list was a perfect description of Gina Levy: Passionate, drive, sustainability, skill, knowledge, intuition, creativity, courage, enthusiasm, dynamic, integrity, self motivated, inspiration… And the list goes on! I have never witnessed such drive and sustained energy in my life, and believe me, working with Gina and seeing over the last year the hurdles that had to be overcome on a very real level, one can’t but stand in awe and just smile a really wide smile at her, every time you see her to celebrate the fact that she has made this force of love and positivity a reality. A reality which is going to effect the way, we as South Africans see one another and change the very fundamental way in which we give and receive joy to ourselves and others as a nation. Thank you Gina Levy!”
  • Brad Fisher, CEO of ADreach: “I am very passionate about South Africa, and about keeping South Africans positive about the country and their future. We are bombarded by bad news on a daily basis. This is a great, positive initiative, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

SA Students

  • Benjamin Shaw, UCT, Allan Gray Fellow, Super Campus Intern: “Supernews gives a real opportunity for someone willing to become involved, an opportunity to learn at a practical and real world level…I truly believe that this is essential experience for a 21st century graduate – where theoretical academia is no longer able to guarantee the sought-after job one was once aiming for…So why am I at Supernews?  Well, besides the great experiences it offers, I’m involved to help it in meeting its challenge of bringing positive, uplifting and interesting news and information to the community of South Africa. And because I think that as a concept, Supernews may very well be The Next Big Thing.”
  • Ayanda Mtotywa, City Varsity: “This is the greatest thing yet to happen to South Africa, it actually gives me hope for the future of our country. I’d be happy to be a part of Supernews.”
  • Christine, City Varsity: “I was really inspired by the presentation this morning! What a great initiative and EXACTLY what this country needs! Can’t wait to get involved!”
  • Ravesh, City Varsity: “I think it’s an inspiring project, with world-shifting potential. Will see what we can do to help.”
  • UCT Film Society Production Manager 2011, Andrew Giliam
    (Re: Super Stage 1 / Sept 2011)
    “Firstly, and once again, well done on an awesome event last night. It
    was truly fantastic and to see the idea develop and blossom into actuality. Last night was brilliant. I think it ran smoothly, I think there was a deserved winner, it was well attended, and most importantly, I think there were some fantastic ideas that can and (hopefully) will change our country. The vision behind Super Stage is phenomenal.”

Supernews International Interns

  • Cacey Edlund, Journalism Student, North Carolina University, USA: “Working at Supernews has forced me to look at problems in a new and unique way. Before Supernews, I would read about all of the world’s problems in the newspaper, but I never thought about how to change them or what I could do to help. I have learned to be more critical of the news and the way some writers sensationalize stories. Writing for Supernews allows me to come into contact with inspiring people who are passionate about making a difference. I hope that the stories I write reach people who feel as I feel– that every problem has a solution.”
  • Lorene Pidoux, ISEG Lyon, France:
  • Anna Helland, University of Oregon Junior: