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Supernews Prize | Super Returns

So what’s in it for you?

Well besides the obvious, ‘feel good factor’, a tangible way to ‘give back’, kudos, and the unmistakable ‘direct social return’ for YOU & SA, we have more on offer! At Supernews, ‘Content is our Currency’, so in exchange for your pocket change – whether you’re giving R25 or R1,000 we have an exchange to match your level of generosity.

Super Returns


Acknowledgement on supernews.co.za R25
Acknowledgement with photo on supernews.co.za
R 50
1 x Supernews poster R 100
2 x Supernews posters R 150
1 x Supernews t-shirt (incl. delivery)
R 200
2 x Supernews t-shirts (incl. delivery) R 300
+ 1x Super Fan report (press + photos) R 400
+ 1x Super Fan report (audio) R500
+ 1x Super Fan interview (video) R 600
Invitation to attend the next Super Stage event as a guest of Supernews (with perks)
R 700
‘Newsvert’: 1x 10″ opening billboard** on Supernews report (idea you are crowd-funding), eg: ‘This Super Idea is brought to you by…’ (1 day) R 800
‘Newsvert’: 1x 10″ opening billboard** on Super Stage video highlights (idea you are crowd-funding ), eg: ‘This Super Idea is brought to you by…’ (1 day) R 900
Invitation to be on the judging panel at Super Stage R 1000
Let’s talk: pocketchange@supernews.co.za more…


*Your Super Fan news report: One of trained Super Citizen Journalists will report any paradigm shifting South African news story, idea, person, community, initiative, cause, etc, that YOU want to highlight, or that you are directly involved in that qualifies as SUPER NEWS.
**Opening /closing billboard This is a sponsored tag line presented before or after a broadcast news report, eg: ‘This Supernews report is/was brought to you by…’
***Newsvert uses the familiar format of the news to report your Supernews story, CSI initiatives, or big ideas for SA on www.supernews.co.za.