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Super Talent | Backstage

Supernews is crowd-sourcing Student Talent: the super-multi-taskers, the natural go-getters, the tech-savvy, the self-motivated, the enormously creative and the highly networked to be our ‘second in command’.

For starters, we want you to help make Super Stage a professional, provocative, stimulating and entertaining experience.

We’re looking for committed, reliable and fabulous talent:
1. A Design Team: Supernews stage design/signage/graphics
2. A Technical Team: lighting and sound
3. A Film Crew: film the event, edit and upload Super Stage footage to www.supernews.co.za
4. A Journalism/Marketing/Social Media Team: cover the event, interview Super Stars and students in the crowd for www.supernews.co.za, campus and local media publications, promote Super Stage on social networking platforms and create Supernews viral campaigns
5. Performing Artists: from dancers to musicians to drama students, etc

Along with the exposure (a live student/public audience), experience and skills you’ll gain, we’ll team you up with our Supernews Network of industry pros (Super Coaches) and give you the opportunity to potentially work with them on future projects. You’ll also get a Super Crew t-shirt on us and other Super goodies.

For every Super Stage event, Supernews will recruit new Student Talent so apply online by emailing us on studenttalent@supernews.co.za


Date: Thursday 4th Oct 2012
Where: Stellenbosch Campus
Time: 6:30pm

Rehearsal: Wed 3rd Oct