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Super Coach | Set News Agenda

We’re crowd-sourcing local and international journalists and media industry pros to be Super Coaches

YOU might be looking for a way to ‘give back’. WE’RE looking for pros to help us get going – which means we’re inviting you to help us set the news agenda and become a Super Coach.

  1. All you need to do is come up with a news assignment that’s current, relevant and Supernewsy and email it to assignmentdesk@supernews.co.za
  2. Next we’ll ask you to share your experience and some reporting tips with all our Super Citizen Journalists which we’ll post online. All you need to do is email a short paragraph or a video/audio clip to supercoach@supernews.co.za
  3. Finally, if you have existing news content that you can adapt or edit, or you want to create fresh Supernews content, that your editors have sidelined because it’s uplifting, inspiring or solution-driven, then supernews.co.za is just the platform for you.

In return we’ll promote you and your work and invite you to become part of our growing network of distinguished Supernews media advisors.