• Supernews is evolving and is in the  process of re-modelling. As a result, our news coverage will be intermittent. Please watch this space for exciting new changes. "CHANGE THE HEADLINES, AND YOU CHANGE SOUTH AFRICA." Welcome to Supernews, A Citizen-Generated News Network, and Super Stage, A Live Innovation Campus Platform

Super Team | Virtual

This is where you get to become our shadow workforce, because you’re both our source of information and the force behind its organization. In other words, you’ll drive it, you’ll police it, you’ll decide what’s important, interesting and newsworthy – and you’ll put Supernews in the news…

How it works

It’s really simple – all you need to do is leave a comment, rate or flag a news report or vote for a Super Idea to help us determine which stories reach the headlines, which ones get booted, which imaginative thinking becomes a Super Idea, and who gets to become a Super Star.


If you have something significant, constructive or praiseworthy to say, we’d love to hear it. If you have more information about a particular story or a new angle about a particular idea or solution that our Super Citizen journalist or Super Innovator hasn’t considered, we’d love your input. If you don’t like something, suggest a solution and we’ll try our best to incorporate it. Lastly, the more you comment on a news story, the more you’ll be able to contribute towards a Citizen Journalist’s scorecard.


You can rate all news reports and ideas according to our scorecard which relies on both a quality score and the number of constructive comments you write. Remember, your rating influences each Citizen Journalist’s reputation and promotion to a particular Super Status which directly influences their eligibility to receive incentive-driven rewards or super stuff from our Gift Economy – so please interact as much as you can. You only get to rate a news report or idea once, so be honest and fair to make sure it counts.


We can’t be everywhere or vet every single story, so we’re making you, the Supernews Community, our editing team at large. You can give us your input by offering a comment below the news report in question or you can email us on flag@supernews.co.za if you feel it violates the Supernews Code of Conduct. We’ll be alerted and our internal editing team will review it and decide whether to remove it completely or even disable the reporter’s Supernews account.


If you’ve ever wanted to help make a difference but didn’t know how – here’s your opportunity! If you’re inspired by an idea or a solution that you think can change, influence, challenge, or better the status quo, then you need to show your support by voting with your mouse to turn an idea into a Super Idea. Once it’s a Super Idea, namely, it gets the highest vote all round, it becomes eligible for Crowd Funding. That’s when we ask YOU to put your money where your mouse is, and VOTE with your pocket change to help put Super Ideas into action. Go to Vote.