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5 For Change fundraiser shakes it up again

Fast becoming very popular on the Cape Town charity and social circuit, 5 For Change’s formal fundraiser raises not only funds, but the profiles of five handpicked organizations. Now three years in, the 5 For Change black tie fundraiser took place on Saturday 31 May 2014, this time at the Lookout at Cape Town’s famous Waterfront.

Apart from being a very glamorous evening, which has grown exponentially since it’s inception in 2012, the benefit to the charities is increasingly measurable. An example of this is Iyeza Express (2013), which provides a very affordable medicine delivery service to people in Khayelitsha who cannot travel to hospitals or clinics, but need serious lifesaving medications for illnesses like Tuberculosis (TB).

Iyeza Express received just under R15 000 and used the funds not only for a new bicycle, more equipment, maintenance and operational costs, but it also helped improve the service they provide, because they were able to design a temperature regulated box to carry sensitive medications and thus comply with good pharmacy practice laws. The financial help they received enabled them to make changes that will see increased revenue streams and also spur innovative solutions, like   communicating using a bulk sms system that minimizes the cost of calls.

Sizwe Nzima, MD of Iyeza Express says, “Being part of 5 For change has really raised my profile as now I have been in contact with a few companies that are looking at working with me. Last year we signed an enterprise development deal with a national medical administrator.” This deal focuses on helping Iyeza Express to grow their client base as well as assist with pharmacy legislation. It also allows access to new markets in the private sector.

Image 1: Live entertainment included Louis Day (pictured), Valve Sate, The Kiffness and DJ Dean Slotar
Image 2: Stands at the event showing the 5 female run charities selected for this year.
Image 3: Delivery personel and their bikes.
Image 4: Promotional flyers printed using 5FC funds.
Image 5: Sizwe Nzima (Managing Director) & Siyavuya (Operations & Sales Manager).

For a list of the 2014 charities, go to the 5 For Change website here.


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