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Creative Week Cape Town Inspires Artists and Public

Creative Week Cape Town gave both artists and citizens a chance to explore and appreciate the city through public displays, workshops and design collaborations, adding to the aesthetic appeal for the World Design Capital 2014.

Artist Michael Elion used his opportunity to activate the space in front of art gallery Commune.1, but in a way that people would truly appreciate. Elion engineered a rainbow that started at the door of Commune.1 and arced over Wale Street.

“The idea was to create something kind of fantastical and amazing, almost magical. It’s the idea that streets and places and urbanity can be more and can have more creative content.”

For Elion, Creative Week is a time for artists to actively give back to the city and the public. “Art doesn’t have a necessary function, it just gives something back to people. It helps you remember that there’s beauty in the world around you, and it softens people a bit.”

In terms of art for the general public, understanding the point or belief behind an artist’s work can be hard, even impossible. Elion believes that the rainbow is not something that you need to understand, just a part of nature that has been engineered for the appreciation of the public. “Rainbows are that one thing in life where you can be the most evil person on the planet, and you still kind of like rainbows,” said Elion.

For the teams of industrial design company …XYZ Design and artist workspace Studio 41, Creative Week brought about an unexpected collaboration.

During a meeting about a creative week project involving recycled computer parts, Zavick Botha (aka Supadog), artist and creative director at Studio 41, and the team of …XYZ decided to combine art and industrial design by having artists work on tables that …XYZ had designed for their studio. For the teams, excitement comes from mixing the top end design of …XYZ and street level art from Studio 41.

“Creative Week allowed our company to mix with other forms of art and design. These collaborations build a creative spirit in the city. We supplied the desks, they supplied the graffiti, no money exchange – just skills” said Roelf Mulder, managing director of …XYZ.

“You combine something functional with something very artsy. You can still see the creative side coming through on the surfaces but the 3D embodiment is a very functional object. The art and technical side come together quite harmoniously,” said industrial designer, David Wiseman.

Robert Bloom, innovation and strategy manager of …XYZ added, “Because of Creative Week, we felt as a community we needed to do something. Without it, this collaboration wouldn’t have happened.”

The ‘table team’ plans to merge with local artists to make tables for large corporations, helping artists sustain themselves while doing what they love.

Image 2: Michael Elion’s rainbow on Wale Sreet
Image 3: Michael Elion’s and sculpture inside Commune 1.
Image 4: table collabotration between …XYZ and Studio 41

Click here to learn more about Creative Week Cape Town;
To learn more about Michael Elion’s work, visit his website;
Click here to learn more about Zavick of Studio 41;
To learn about …XYZ Design, click here;
To enquire about tables: superdogzavick@gmail.com or roelf@dddxyz.com.


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