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Play Trade

The Problems

We have identified three main problems to address with our game, namely, poverty, unemployment and the youth mindset as perceived by this generation. The unemployed and the classified poor both need work and an income in order to improve their lives. In the same way the youth need to be educated on workplace dynamics and the necessary skills and characteristics for success at both working and business levels.
More than half of new businesses fail in the 1st year, this may, to a certain extent, be attributed to the fact that although entrepreneurs may be inspired, they do not always have the necessary basic skills of trade. In addition to this many young people spend their time and effort trying to immerse themselves into the employment pool when they have the potential to be job creators as entrepreneurs. Thus, there is a need for a change of mindset.

Our Super Idea/Solution and the inspiration

The aim of the game is to educate the youth, and help them in developing leadership, entrepreneurial and networking skills. Tackling the issue of unskilled youth by training them in entrepreneurship and providing them with the platform to acquire the basic skills required for entrepreneurship. Developing more entrepreneurs by upgrading their skill set, will lead to the creation of more businesses which will in turn result in more people being employed.

Our inspiration to create the game stemmed from the hopelessness we witness everyday amongst unskilled and unemployed youth, our experience in online gaming and a realisation of the importance of networking and skills in trade, for successful employment and business building.

How it will work

With Time as the Currency, each new player enters the Virtual Business World as an entrepreneur in one of 5 electable Trades.

  • Water
  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Leisure

In order to grow your business, through upgrades, you need to acquire various amounts of the respective resources by networking and trading with other entrepreneurs as you engage in the game of Trade. The best way to survive would be by working together.

Players can then build up their empire from a small to medium to micro and eventually macro enterprises, growing as entrepreneurs and as future leaders.

The game will be sustainable as new players will continue to join in the world of Trade and they will stay on as they learn new skills and grow their businesses.

How will your idea positively impact SA?

Engaging in networking will encourage the youth to be more receptive to team work and assist them in understanding the social values and advantages of a diverse community. Through the virtual impact of the game, players will use the skills acquired and gain the potential to change real communities and shape our future.

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