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This is where you get to INNOVATE and create NEW news!


The most powerful force for change in the world is a NEW IDEA in the hands of extraordinary individuals. That’s YOU. You are the ‘New’ News-Maker. And the ‘New’ News-Maker, IS the Change-Maker.

Fuelled by the aspirations of our infant democracy and the fact that we can’t rely solely on government to solve all of South Africa’s challenges, we’re crowd-sourcing the next socially impactful ideas, solutions and action plans from the collective imagination of thousands of problem-solvers, inventors, social entrepreneurs, big thinkers and creative minds – starting with the student public.

That’s why we’re launching ‘Super Stage’, the first live, open innovation ‘brainstorming marketplace’ by students to students on campuses across the country…because we realize that the new ‘student activist’ is no longer a campus-rallying, placard-wielding angry protestor. They are the Change-Makers THEMSELVES. And the more they see themselves as having a voice, the more inspired they are to get involved. And the more their involvement gets noticed, the greater their realization – they can make a difference.

To make it juicier, we’re collaborating with South African MAVERICKS (individuals and organizations) representing vast areas of experience, influence and impact, who based on their track record to inspire change, will present real and provocative social challenges to be solved, and then directly reward our Super Stars with the Supernews Prize.

So, if you think you can expand the realm of what’s possible, and help solve South Africa’s challenges, then YOU could be South Africa’s next Einstein or Jobs, Mandela or Yunus, Shakespeare or Shuttleworth, Mozart or Disney, Armstrong or Messi, Zuckerberg or Branson, Obama or Oprah.

If you’re salivating just reading this, then we want you to go to Solve so you can…


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