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This is where you get to stand out from the crowd and where you ultimately become eligible for SUPER rewards. You’ve got to stay on top of your game, because whether your scorecard goes up or plateaus, literally depends on your next news report.


Sign up and help change the news agenda in SA: “Write the Headlines – Right the World!” This is your practice level – so prove your commitment and quality of work and we’ll give you the green light to move forward.


  • Instant recognition amongst industry professionals, your peer network and the Supernews Public
  • Vouchers and discounts from the Supernews Gift Economy

Mover & Shaker

  • FREE coaching tips sent to you from a variety of Super Coaches, giving you practical, on-the-job training and helping you develop broad journalistic skills.
  • More vouchers and discounts from the Supernews Gift Economy

Hot Shot

  • Get your news onto affiliated Supernews media platforms
  • Report for Super Stage and get exposure, experience and new skills.

Super Natural

  • Become an official Supernews Correspondent and cover the news at prestigious local events/conferences, etc.
  • ‘Pay It Forward’: Share your journalistic skills with disadvantaged communities in the Supernews mix – and get paid for it

Super Star

  • Supernews will promote you as our top talent and facilitate an interview with one of YOUR top 3 Super Heroes for a potential internship
  • Join our Supernews Team and work at Supernews

Go to scorecard for more info on how to earn points to boost your super status

Got any ‘incentive reward’ suggestions?

If you have any suggestions for our Gift Economy that you’d like to have or experience, then we want to hear about them, so please email us on incentives@supernews.co.za