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What is your Madiba Legacy going to be?

The Bala Brothers who sang at Cape Town’s official memorial and tribute concert, “Nelson Mandela: A life celebrated”, held at the Greenpoint Stadium on Wednesday 11 December, summed up the Madiba Legacy in this way:

“When you hear a white man singing in Zulu (Jonny Clegg) and black men singing Opera and in Afrikaans, then you know you are living in a New South Africa”.

How will you as an individual and as a South African perpetuate what Nelson Mandela stood for and manifested? What are your  experiences and observations living in a world that Madiba brought into being? Have you launched any projects that symbolise the spirit of Madiba? What is your Madiba Legacy going to be?

Send us your inspiring personal stories, images and videos, and the best report will be featured on Supernews and affiliated media platforms.

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