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Brainstorming Tips | Experiment

Week 3-5

Prepare to Brainstorm

  1. Get comfy and bring some food (for thought too)!
  2. You’ll need paper, post-its, colourful kokis, cameras….and lots of energy
  3. Display the challenge so everyone can see it loud and clear
  4. The goal is to come up with as many ideas as possible. Be crazily imaginative and don’t limit your ideas – even if they seem unrealistic at this point! Start with “Imagine if….”
  5. Think BIG, stay open-minded, feel excited and optimistic (Think ‘and’, rather than ‘but’)
  6. Stay focused on the challenge
  7. Have fun!

Build an Overview

  1. Capture and display your ideas immediately after your brainstorm session to give you a clear direction and purpose for the next steps
  2. Which idea are you all most excited about?
  3. Summarize it in a single sentence
  4. Describe how your idea would work
  5. Do a reality check and be prepared to let go of any ideas that just won’t work
  6. Make your ideas actionable

Search for Meaning

  1. How will your idea impact society?
  2. Who will benefit?
  3. Will it change thinking, behaviours and systems?
  4. What is its long term impact?

Experiment & Experience

  1. Contextualise the idea as early as possible in the process, to make it as real as possible. Eg: create a prototype, build a paper model, or do a role-play to test your service/methodology. You can do this in just twenty minutes and it’ll help you decide if you want to take the idea further.
  2. Hold a workshop, interact, get people to participate in your experiment.

Get Feedback

  1. Bounce your ideas off people outside your team and get their constructive feedback.
  2. Observe people’s behaviours.
  3. List any constraints you are facing. What is your idea missing?
  4. Share your feedback with your team and adjust your thinking/concept if necessary

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