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Super Challenges | Pitch

How to pitch

1. Click on the Super Challenge you are solving, and scroll down to the bottom of the page till you see the yellow banner (as demonstrated below):

2. If you haven’t already signed up, it’ll prompt you to do so, otherwise it will take you directly into the back-end to post your idea.

3. Once in the back-end, post your 1 minute video clip of you and your idea. (Check out our video-recording, and uploading training tips). You can also pitch your idea in approx 500 words including images.

4. If you are struggling to upload, email your idea to superidea@supernews.co.za (max file size is 3 megs). You will still need to sign up online.

5. Remember, your work’s not quite done because you are a walking, talking marketing machine – so spread the word, email, tweet and facebook to help boost your idea into the Top 10!

Your Super Idea submission must capture the following

  1. Who are you/your team?
  2. State the challenge you are responding to
  3. What’s your Super Idea/Solution and what inspired you? (your solution must be original, realistic and implementable)
  4. How will your idea positively impact SA? (ie: how will it change thinking, behaviours and systems?)
  5. What will it take to make your idea happen? Be specific.
  6. What is your ‘Supernews headline’ to change SA? (Summarize your idea in a single headline)
  7. See Brainstorming Tips for more info on how to pitch your idea.

Make it INSPIRING. Make it PASSIONATE. Make us BELIEVE IT CAN HAPPEN! Be a SUPER MAVERICK! We need to see/hear/feel your energy, passion and commitment coming across!

Note: ideas are selected on merit, not popularity, so make sure your idea is Supercalafragelistic to get voted in!