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Training Tips | Find A Crew

Tips to help you FIND A CREW

This is where you get to crowd-source your OWN news crew according to skill and location. So if you’re great at presenting, then maybe you need someone to film you. If you’ve videoed the story on camera, you might need an editor to cut your piece down from 5 minutes to 2. Or maybe you simply need a financial expert or someone studying politics to help you cover a financial report or political story. And guess what, for the sake of convenience, we’ve helped you locate them too, so if you’re in Cape Town or Joburg, or are a student at UCT or WITS for example, your crew member could literally be your work colleague or your class rep. All you need to do to create your own news team is click on the Super Citizen Journalist Profile Page, identify the location or skill (see ‘crew icons below’) you’re looking for and contact our network of talent directly. Alternatively, you can go solo and use the ‘crew in your hand’ – yip, quite literally, your cell phone or compact camera or pen!

  • Reporter: You have the gift of the gab and were born to present in front of the camera
  • Writer: You are a wordsmith extraordinaire
  • Photographer: You like capturing moments in time and have an eye for detail and composition
  • Camera Director/Operator: You have creative direction, but prefer being behind the scenes and operating the equipment
  • Copy Editor: You like the fine print
  • Multi-Media Editor: You like dark spaces and are technically savvy with multi-media software
  • Change Maker: You are an idea-machine

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