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Four easy steps to help you PUBLICIZE your Supernews™ reports & INCREASE TRAFFIC

The key to becoming a Super Star and qualifying for superstuff depends on your scorecard – that’s how much original news content you publish on supernews.co.za as well as ‘interaction from your audience’ – which will be measured via our rating system and the amount of constructive comments written about each of your published news reports. Now, to get interaction, you first need to make sure that as many people as possible come to the supernews.co.za site to read, watch or listen to YOUR post. This measurement is called “Traffic.”

Here are a list of tips on how you can use social media, email and printed media (such as Business Cards or “Connect Cards”) to publicize your posts and increase your post views.

Step 1: Track & Measure

  1. Once you have published your post, go to the post’s permalink and copy it. (A permalink, or permanent link, is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives).
  2. Open this website: //bit.ly
  3. Register an account so you can track your links.
  4. Paste your Supernews Post’s permalink into the “Shorten your links” box.
  5. Watch Bit.ly shrink your link and copy it for use in Steps 2, 3 & 4.
  6. Register an account to click on the “Analyze” tab to see real-time stats of how many people clicked on that link, and which place on the internet they clicked from.
  7. Overtime, you will be able to see your weekly click stats and measure the success of your PR efforts outlined in steps 2, 3 & 4.

Step 2: Using Facebook

  1. With social media, the more “friends” you have, the more clicks you will get from publicizing your post – so grow your “friends”.
  2. Update your status in the morning, lunch time and at 5pm with your Bit.ly post link made from step 1 – these are the times when most people are on Facebook.
  3. Update your status with a short description, preferably the title of your post, with some encouragement to interact with the post.
  4. eg: ” Hey guys check out my post and tell me what you think:  10 Useful Ways to Recycle bit.ly/9TlTWK
  5. You can also tag your friends in your status telling them to check out your post, like this: eg, ” Hey @Mandy @SuzyQ @Henry Thought you’d enjoy my new post: 10 Useful Ways to Recycle bit.ly/9TlTWK
  6. It is not advised to spam your friends on Facebook, but if you want to get your friends’ attention, write on their walls telling them to check out your post or comment on their statuses.
  7. Invite all your friends to join the Supernews page so they get an update from Supernews about your new posts, every time you publish.
  8. Underneath your profile picture, click edit and put your profile link on Supernews there, so that everyone knows where to find your archive of posts.
  9. Keywords to succeeding on Facebook: add friends, converse with friends, share enough, encourage enough and update often.

Step 3: Using Twitter

  1. As step 2 started out, anything you tweet will only be seen by those who follow you – Start off by following people of interest, friends, and people who have many twitter followers. Chat to them on twitter and tweet/retweet interesting stories and links so that you brand yourself as someone these people would like to follow back.
  2. When you’ve got a following of at least 5 people who are active on twitter, start tweeting your posts by either, using the Retweet button next to your post on Supernews, or like this: Tweet: 10 Useful Ways to Recycle bit.ly/9TlTWK #Recycle #10 via @YourTwitterUsername”
  3. It is advised that your post titles do not exceed 9 words so that anyone who retweets (RT) your tweets, will not run out of character space, otherwise they can’t retweet with @YourTwitterUsername in it.
  4. The hashtags (#Recycle, #10) make your tweet pop-up when anyone in the world searches for the words in your hashtag. The point of this is to increase your chances of being followed by people who are interested in what you are tweeting about. This ensures that you have quality followers who are more likely to tweet back.
  5. It should be intuitive that the more RTs you get, the more followers you will get and therefore the more click through’s you will find on your Bit.ly link stats. And your posts get: TRAFFIC 🙂

Step 4: Using Old-School Email & Print

  1. Send a friendly mass email to your friends, family and contact list asking them to check out your new post (insert the same Bit.ly link) and encourage them to read it, interact and share it via Facebook, Twitter or email. You must include some form of “If you would like to unsubscribe/not receive this email in future, please email “unsubscribe” to (insert your email address).”
  2. If you are using an email like “Gmail”, set-up an email signature which contains your Facebook profile link, twitter profile link and your Supernews profile link.
  3. Set-up a customized Bit.ly link that links to your profile on Supernews and print that on your business card/ connect card so the card receiver knows where to find you on the internet.
  4. The connect card should feature all the conventional business card details, plus your social media, blog (unique bit.ly) and website urls so people are encouraged to add you as a friend, check out your blog and follow you on Twitter. This therefore helps with step 2, 3 and TRAFFIC.

These basic tips should help you understand what options you have to publicize your post. Remember, while Facebook, Twitter, email and many other social networks can be used to publicize your post, the only places that are effective are the places where YOUR readers, viewers or listeners hang out. So find out where your audience hangs out online – don’t wait for them to come to you – develop your own ‘online brand personality’ and go to them!

If you need any additional social media tips to add? Put them in the comments section below with a handy URL

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