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Super News Assignments | Report

How it works

  1. First things first, you need to Sign Up as a Super Citizen Journalist before you start reporting for Supernews.
  2. Need some journalistic skills? Go to Training Tips.
  3. You can fly solo or click on Find a Crew to team up with fellow Super Citizen Journalists to help report your story. If you do decide to work in a team, you’ll need to create a ‘news crew profile’ – which will be displayed next to that news report. (All team members need to be signed up as Super Citizen Journalists in their individual capacity in order for the news crew as a collective to get promoted).
  4. Next, choose one or more of our leading news topics in any category to report on. Remember to check out the Assignment guidelines and deadlines so you stay on track.
  5. Alternatively, you can help us set the news agenda by initiating and reporting on your own newsworthy stories – as long as they are current, relevant and have a Supernews angle.
  6. Do the prep work, have a plan of action, then hit the streets with your crew in tow.

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